5 Star Inspection

Our Bandit Posse begins every job the same way, we strap on our boots and do full inspection of your property and home.
  1. Inspect your home and property for signs of rodent and/or wildlife, possible entry points, and other issues.
  2. Is it a rat, squirrel, or raccoons? Identify the species allows "the Posse" to know its biology, its nasty habits, and population growth in Woodstock. These traits helps provide a successful solution against your rodent or wildlife problem.
  3. Implement a proper plan to solve your unwanted rodents and/or wildlife in and around your home.
  4. Trap all rodents lurking in and around your home and property. Our team customizes each trapping method. It all depends if you have rats or squirrels in your home beavers and snakes around your property.
  5. Seal, Repair, and Replace any damage caused by varmints.
In-depth Inspection Details

We'll Get Them Varmints!


Dealing With Any of These?

Armadillos - Bats - Beavers - Bees - Birds - Chipmunks - Coyotes - Flying Squirrels - Foxes - Mice - Moles - Norway Rats - Opossum - Raccoons - Roof Rats - Squirrels - Voles

Meet The Posse

Randy F.

Randy has been in the wildlife business for over 35 years, his experience has help shape urban wildlife programs throughout metro Atlanta.

Mark C.

Mark is our skilled snake handler, rodent and wildlife trapper.