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Inspect your home and property for signs of wildlife, entry points, and issues.

The first step is a proper inspection of your home and property with a Bandit specialist. Our team will gladly walk with you throughout your home as you explain the issues you are having in and around your home.

Our team is well trained to understand the structure of your home, where your property sits, and knowing the rodent and wildlife trends in your area. We provide an in-depth inspection whether it’s in a crawlspace, attic, or in your living space; looking for entry points, droppings, or their nesting areas.

Identify the species. Identifying the species allows out team to know its biology, and nasty habits for a successful solution.

Our staff has a firm understanding of the biology of rodents and wildlife, once we identify the species we know how and where they nest, the times of activity, and their nasty habits. This process of research and knowledge helps our team provide an effective solution to your immediate problem.

Implement a proper plan to solve your unwanted problems in and around your home.

A well-documented plan is created by our Bandit specialist, working closely with a team of skilled carpenters and trappers here at Bandit. The action plan to solve your problems includes locations of entry, specific materials, special tasks at your home, and the proper inventory to complete and protect your home.

Trap all varmints lurking in and around your home and property

Some species are persistent after Bandit has cleaned and sealed the entry ways into your home and they might try to entry in causing more damage. Our trappers will quickly address the population using the correct methods of solving that problem.

Seal, Repair, and Replace any damage caused by varmints.

Our amazing team of carpenters value the appearance of your home; this is very important to the Bandit team. Our goal is to solve your rodent or wildlife problem without changing the integrity of your home. Our Bandit specialist will consult with you on changes and improvements that need to be done on your home.