Post Card

Randy F.

Randy has been in the wildlife business for over 35 years, his experience has help shape urban wildlife programs throughout metro Atlanta. To say Randy is dedicated to his craft is an understatement, he has built a great reputation within our industry. In his career he has help businesses launch their new wildlife programs and mentors young startup companies to be successful in their new adventures.

He has built a specialized team of trappers and skilled carpenters to address any varmint problems and damages that can occur on commercial or residential properties.

Mark C.

Mark is our skilled snake handler, rodent and wildlife trapper. For over 30 years he has been collecting, preserving, and breeding snakes throughout the United States. He is well known in the snake community for his passion of protecting snakes in their natural environment.

Mark has a vast knowledge of varmint habits, understanding the species gives him a better understanding to solve any varmint problem. Whether its tracking them in the wild or in an urban setting, he’s truly confident in his skill.

If Mark is not at Bandit, then he is enjoying the great outdoors and exploring the National Parks around the United States.